Month: January 2015

Wine Crate Bookshelf- a no-nonsense DIY project

Two facts about me: I am a keen reader and I live in a really, really small flat. Though seemingly unconnected, the fact that those two things are absolutely true means that my very small flat is often overrun with books, crammed into the oddest corners or wedged behind furniture. It also means that my life is often a mess. That is no way to live, so a few weeks ago I said: ‘ENOUGH!’ and vowed to produce more appropriate storage for my musty tomes. I looked around for a good bookshelf to fit a rather small and awkward little area of the flat, but nothing seemed quite right. Luckily, the Pal is rather handy with the tools, and I had an idea. The Wine Crate Bookshelf, a no-muss no-fuss bit of DIY that even the most tool-averse can execute.

Prawn Bisque Tagliatelle

Some days have been so long at the office, and it’s so grey and miserable outside that I just feel the need to treat myself with food- and by treat I don’t mean cake or sweets. I mean a really luxurious, rich, warming, delicious meal. But as times are tough a girl needs to keep a constant eye on the contents of her purse, so she cannot keep treating herself to restaurant meals and champagne willy nilly. As much as bubbles and lobster sound delicious, I actually really love cooking something delicious for myself and the Pal. So last night I did just that: I took a charming stroll through London Fields to the consistently excellent (if pricey) Fin and Flounder, and bought myself a bag of huge shrimps. The result was a delicious Prawn Bisque Tagliatelle that was as easy to make as it was luxurious and delicious. Too delicious to not share on here, so… Feast your eyes and tummies on the Super Incredible Prawn Bisque Pasta

Light and Loaded- potato soup

Guys, it’s hella cold here in London. So cold the only thing I can think about is fleecy pyjamas and steaming bowls of comfort food- preferably served to me in bed, where I can eat them under my duvet and my lambswool blanket. Unfortunately- it’s also January. You know January; the first month of the year when lots of us make ridiculous promises to eat clean, not drink and exercise for moronic reasons like new year, new me? That one. Well, I have actually been keeping my promises for a change and all in I do actually feel better- but, today is especially cold ad I hear it’s even going to snow. So my brain is saying: ‘eat healthy Rita, you can do it xxxx’, while my stomach is saying ‘give me baaaaaaacon and carbs!!!!’. I crave loaded potato skins like nobody’s business, you guys. NOBODY’S BUSINESS. Luckily I have found a recipe that is both light(er), but also full of bacon and potato and cheese. It’s a slow-cooker recipe which is just the best because it …

So….flares are a thing again

It’s hard to believe that a mere fortnight ago I could have made it through the day without having to encounter any evidence that flares were thing. Today they are everywhere; from catwalks to red carpets. I should have known really. A wise woman once said “In Fashion on day flares are in- the next you are out.” So it seems that the day has come when flares are officially ‘In’ and I am officially ‘Out’. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against flares per se. I actually have owed flares before; they were all the rage in sixth grade, especially if the bottoms of the flares were bejewelled or embroidered in some way. However, I do think that flares are definitely not for everyone, nor should they be regarded as a ‘wardrobe staple’, ‘season must-have’, or ‘absolutely essential’, as some fashion publications and celebrity endorsers would have us believe.