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Fashion Forecast- Early February

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, ladies and gentlemen, but it’s going to remain cold, wet and horrible this week here in London.

Yup, cold, cold and freezing. At least it will be dry-ish

Yup, cold, cold and freezing. At least it will be dry-ish

So while we will have to keep our sunglasses in the back of the drawer for couple months yet; the cold weather does offer the opportunity to feel damn cozy all day long. And if there is one thing I value above ALL ELSE, it’s coziness. I would wear a duvet to work if it didn’t take up too much space in the packed rush-hour tube.

So I gracefully put together a little lookbook of cozy-yet-stylish bits to wear this week that should help cheer you up even as the wind slaps you around the face.

Fashion Forecast 02 Feb 15

1. This Long Shearling Coat from TOAST, £1295, is the coolest damn thing I have ever seen  2. A merino and cashmere blend sweater will help keep you warm no matter what. This one is Organic and is by John Patrick, £180.    3. J Brand Jeans, yes please, £160    4.Let’s all agree that everyone needs a bucket bag and move on. This one is the coolest one, by Building Block, and available at Net-a-Porter, £280    5. This is the Shoe of the Decade- Isabelle Marant Beckett High Top Sneaker, $695     6. Bling by Saint Laurent will always be a good idea, £710  7. This Shirt/Crop jumper Derek Lam all-in-one is warm and sharp, $395    8. Burberry understands British Weather like no one else, with this cashmere cape you won’t even need a scarf, £1695  9. Bling by Givenchy is also a great idea, £747.59    10. a little box bag by Philip Lim will take you from day to night, £630    11. And Acne for your feet, $550   12. And stay on time with this ultra-sleek Max Bill by Klein & more,  £625

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