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Style Icon: Kim Sears

Man, Kim Sears really rocked the Australian Open, didn’t she? Ole Andy may have come second to Djokovic, but Kim was the real winner here.

Kim was taunted in the media for supposedly being caught swearing in a particularly stressful moment of the semi-final her partner was playing. Really. The British media went all Victorian on Kim: ‘A Lady, SWEARING??? But surely her little woman brain and her tiny lady mouth cannot perform such unbecoming actions. Why, when tiny little, itty, bitty, cutey ladies get angry, they just ball their tiny hands into little fists, and faint in adorable and helpless little conniption fits, no??’

No. Real women swear.

So what did, Kim do? She wore a ‘Parental Advisory- Explicit Content‘ t-shirt to the next match.

And she looked absolutely BANGIN’ while she did it. Boom. Kim 1 x Daily Mail 0.

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