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Terry de Havilland for Harrods

Terry de Havilland likes to refer to himself as the ‘Rock n’ Roll Cobbler’- of course he does, he made shoes for Marianne Faithful, Bianca Jagger and David Bowie (swoon) in the 70s. It seems like you couldn’t swing a cat in Swinging London without hitting a superstar wearing de Havilland’s shoes. Now he is bringing his vision to Harrods with an exclusive new high-end collection. Think python wedges, gold platforms and patterns, patterns, patterns.

Terry de Havilland, the Rock n' Roll Cobbler

Terry de Havilland, the Rock n’ Roll Cobbler

Though Terry has maintained a fairly low profile since his heyday in the 70s, he has continued to produce exquisite and exciting footwear. Of course ‘low profile’ means something entirely different when you are the Rock n’ Roll Cobbler, and de Havilland has been a firm presence in the shoe closets of cool Londoners from Kate Moss to Cara Delevingne via Amy Winehouse.

Now call me crazy, but I wouldn’t say that Harrods and Havilland have much in common when it comes to aesthetics, but sometimes genius manifests itself in peculiar places. Havilland works out of his atelier in Haggerston and that really does seem like more of his vibe- but I guess everyone should be willing to make the trip to Knightsbrigde for the love of Fashion.

According to de Havilland’s blog “ss well as stocking Terry’s most classic and best-selling style, the iconic Margaux python wedge, the remainder of styles available will include a select range exclusively designed for Harrods.”

marianne-2 terry de havilland

Terry de Havilland’s Marianne wedge- yes, five layers of python seems about right

The collection sounds totally bat-shit cray and I love it. It includes a “python and suede platform wedge, a python and suede platform stiletto and finally the most luxurious style designed, the ‘Marianne’, a truly extravagant all python, 5 tier, platform wedge.” I think everyone needs a little more python and suede in their lives.

The collection is available now in Harrods, with prices from £595 which is fairly steep- but hey, your feet will be in the company of Rock n’ Roll Royalty. What more can you ask for, really?

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