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New York Fashion Week trend forecast

New York Fashion Week kicks off this Thursday- the first shot in a whirlwind month of exciting parties and fashion that ranges from OMG to WTF.

They say that each Fashion Week has its own style and signature- and it’s true. New York, therefore, is by far the most wearable and accessible, but that does not mean that it isn’t also the most exciting.

Even though I cannot make it to Fashion Week – someone else will have to keep Anna W company in the Front Row this time- I have put together a list of some of the exciting trends we can expect from NYFW.

1. KANYE mother-effing WEST

Kanye West is best-known for being North West’s father, and Kim Kardashian’s baby-daddy these days- last week he released a great track and video (shot by Spike Jonze) of him mucking about with North, and it looks great. But the Yeezus auteur has notoriously tried to break in to the fiercely competitive fashion biz for yearsus (sorry), and it seems like he has finally managed.

Kanye and North

A recent Instagram post by Renaissance menswear buyer Rahmon Ehlen, which has since been pulled, seemed to suggest that Kanye would be about to unveil a collab with Adidas during NYFW. This has been somewhat corroborated- if not totally backed-up- by the fact that Adidas released a special edition app called ‘Confirmed’ that lets normal folks like you and me reserve items from the KWest collection. Nothing has been confirmed apart from the name of the app (lol), but it seems Kanye (hopefully with Kim and North) will be dropping by Lincoln Center.

I for one have high hopes for leather jogging pants finally making it onto a runway.

2. It’s Two-thousand and 1968 in China

We all know that fashion is cyclical by nature. I mean, there are only so many things that designers can flog before they need to start recycling trends and calling it ‘vintage’- see flares.

Word on the street is that the 60s and 70s are back again. So expect retro silhouettes, geometric prints, more flares.

1960s Fashion

There have also been whispers of oriental prints making it big this year, as well as punk rock aesthetics. Quite the mix, I say.

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuiton have already dabbled in Chinoiserie

Seems like come Spring I will be rocking my flares, paired with my old birds-of-paradise patterned kimono- and it may be a good time to reconsider that radical red Mohawk I always wanted to try.

3. Granny Cool

Joan Didion (80) is the new face of Celine, and Jonie Mitchell has been shaking it up at St Laurent and I could not be happier. Joan and Joni are two of my favourite women ever, and I will always be happy for an excuse to be a little more like either of them.

Joan Didion

It also means that perhaps we will be seeing more older models hit the runway this week- but really, it is just a cool way to market those vintage trends we were just talking about.

I can only hope that someone enlists Iris Apfel to be the face of something soon. That would be grand.

Iris Apfel

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