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Wednesday Wishlist: VD edition

You guys: I HATE Valentine’s Day. It just seems like such a corny, sexist little non-holiday that I generally don’t bother with it. The Pal has been informed that any gift of roses will be swiftly made into pot-pourri and cards will be received with some disdain. We will also not be one of those couples paying double for a set menu at an overcrowded and overpriced restaurant bedecked in heart-shaped balloons.

BUT, as much as I hate VDay, I actually LOVE presents- getting and giving. So here is a little list of things you can get your significant other that will not make you gag and/or burn your bra:

1. Give your queen a crown on V-Day.Crown necklace 69B Boutique

This necklace is from 69B Boutique on Broadway Market, and they specialise in Sustainable Style. The necklace is by Mexican jeweller Carla Fernadez and you should get the large one, for £79

2. Give your lover The Moon

The Moon

The Moon by print artist Baby Crow, of course. Get it from Print Club London, for £60 (a bargain for an entire satellite)

3. Give your partner Space

I need space t-shirt TopShop

Because this t-shirt is very cool, and everyone needs space when it comes in the shape of cool tops- from Topshop, £22

4.Give your lover a wake-up call

Tap Coffee Subscription

Everyone loves delicious coffee, so this one is a gift for you too! For £45, Tap Coffee will deliver the most delicious blends to your doorstep for 6 months, and you get a free V-60 coffee-maker to boot.

PS. If you are feeling confident about your relationship, why not spring for a 12-month subscription?

5. And if all else fails…


Scented candles are always a hit. These ones are delicious and ethical- get them at Here Today, Here Tomorrow, in Dalston, for £35.

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