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NYFW- Blogger Style

New York Fashion Week has barely finished and already we are bracing ourselves for the madness in London.

Each fashion week has it’s own identity and style, and it partly reflects the city they are held in, partly the designers that show there, and partly the crazy weather. Of course, New York is much colder than European capitals this time of year, so the street style of the fashionistas and bloggers who chose to attend had to reflect that.

I mean, some celebs were being totally ridic and wearing summer clothes- I mean I cannot even start with that. I’m looking at you, Kate Hudson. Sure we all want it to be spring so we can bust out our florals, but it was -27C in NYC this week, so I’m not buying your off the shoulder sunflower whatever.

Style is dressing for the weather as well as the occasion!!

Now the three bloggers pictured above definitely dressed for the weather- so kudos to them. Aimee Song, from Song of Style, gets the most snaps because she’s from LA and it’s always sunny there; I’m not surprised she looked so great in the snow (because she looks great ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME), but I am surprised that she owned so many coats.

Aimee Song rocks and Old MaxMara coat

Extra brownie points to Aimee for instagrammin’ pics of herself wearing a great MaxMara coat that belonged to her mother and was therefore neither brand new nor product placement. Go Aimee!

The other two bloggers pictured at the top are obviously Chiara Ferragni and Gala González. Chiara is always flawless and playful and not-for-nothing she’s the most influential blogger in the world.

And Gala’s coat is just so snuggy looking that I can’t even deal with it.

I especially liked how these ladies rocked the boat with interesting shapes and COLOUR!! New York can be rather black and white, when it comes to street style, so another big high five to everyone for colouring me happy this past week!

Now, get their looks here:

Get the look #NYFW


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