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#MFW FOMO (More Fashion Week Street Style)

Ok- Milan looks great, you guys. Prada and Fendi have been my faves so far- absolutely unwearable in real life, but DAMN, so good.

I feel a little bitter because everyone is in Milan and I’m still in London! So here are a few of my last street style snaps, to allay the pain of extreme FOMO a little.

fashionweekfeb15_02 fashionweekfeb15_03Sometimes in London, less is more. It is definitely the most street of all Fashion Weeks.

fashionweekfeb15_04 fashionweekfeb15_05fashionweekfeb15_05_0001__1100790_select.jpg

Everyone is a photographer AND a model these days. Dress down in LFW at your own peril! fashionweekfeb15_05_0003__1100862_select.jpg fashionweekfeb15_05_0004__1100931_select.jpg

Yours truly rocking some vintage faux-fur. It was so damn cold, you guys!fashionweekfeb15_05_0005__1100945_select.jpgThese were my favourite shoes of the day, check out, they are designed and made in London and very funky.

More here.


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