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Valentino Resort ’16- the best thing since sliced bread

After a prolonged absence of three months, SLIR is back. In these three months, we have moved house, gone travelling, updated our wardrobes and joined a gym. Lots of things happened in the world of fashion and lifestyle as well: Kylie and Kendall released their capsule collection  for Topshop, the arrival of summer on the Northern Hemisphere appears to have brought back the 1970’s (you saw it here first), and a fluffy version of good ol’ Karl became 2015’s must have accessory.

Though I have kept abreast of developments in the fashion world, not until today have I been shaken out of my summer stupor. It has virtually taken a Valentino Resort collection of unmatched awesomeness to shake me back into a creative haze.

And of course it did. Rarely have I seen a collection so rich, beautiful and diverse as this one. It’s almost as detailed as their couture shows, but much more accessible.

Valentino Resort 16 collage

It’s really playful and all around super cool……It’s also super duper expensive so even though it’s a ready to wear collection, it’s still not really likely to make it into every single fashionista’s wardrobe out there- but do expect copies and knock-offs to start popping up in the high street any day now.

My favourite is definitely the embroidered tulle gown- despite the model having had her nips and pubes airbrushed as to not offend our poor little innocent eyes.  It is a thing of beauty and I wish I was invited to more balls to wear it. When the pal wins his Oscar, I will definitely be wearing this to the awards. Except that when I wear it I won’t pretend I don’t have nipples.

The best thing about this collection is that no matter how detailed and delicate individual pieces are, they would all look great with my oldest, most favourite Converse and three-day-since-washed hair. Instant cool. Very rock n’ roll.

I have helpfully put together a darling little slideshow of my favourite looks that have emerged from this collection:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And what about you? Which one of these outfits would you give your spare kidney for?


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