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Topshop ARCHIVE Collection

For the past few years, Topshop has had something of a penchant for the vintage aesthetic. It has really embraced this 90s-revival trend, and it has a vintage/salvage section at it’s Oxford Street flagship.

Now the mega-brand is taking this affinity for all things retro one step further with the launch of their Archive Collection. According to the cats over at TS Archive, “is a limited edition collection of pieces inspired by decades of irreverently cool Topshop style. A love letter to British fashion, classic seventies smock dresses return for lazy summer days and rebel-rock icons like the disco jean and the vinyl mini skirt are reborn for a new generation. Inspired by the way the TOPSHOP girl effortlessly blends influences across the decades to define her own look, it isn’t about being too referential, it’s about reinterpreting fashion history in a modern way.”

Topsop Archive 2

I have to say I dig it. Some of it is a fantastic though some of it is totally unwearable- and I mean that is the best way. My favourite is certainly the stripy Shirley Manson Circa Garage yellow tee and the slinky backless party dress. Both get full marks. The bells sleeved, caped red dress should really be banished back to the late 70’s hellhole from whence it came, on the other hand.

Overall, I applaud the collection and I think it’s a sweet idea, totally on brand and very shopable. And I am pleased to say that some of it WILL be mine.

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