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Interview: The Beach People

If you like the beach, are a follower of fashion and are an Instagram enthusiast, than chances are that you have come across The Original Roundie.

You know! Those beautiful round beach throws that are as useful as they are photogenic have been spotted adorning the Instagram of some major fashion bloggers and stylists. With their beautiful ethnic prints, The Original Roundie really stands out as the most stylish beach or poolside accessory you can have.

The Beach People 4

It’s no surprise that suddenly the roundie has been omnipresent in social media. Made by The Beach People sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattle, their first summer in production saw their flagship product sell out completely in their native Australia. Now the sisters are on a mission to build a “community of like-minded sea lovers” around the world.

“Emma and I come from a long line of sea lovers. We grew up around the ocean,” Victoria told me over e-mail. “Sitting at the beach one day we looked at all the things that we love to bring on our sea adventures and thought let’s design a range of our own sea essentials, things we love to take to the beach, tried and tested and beautiful too.”

Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattle, the minds behind The Original Roundie

Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattle, the minds behind The Original Roundie

In 2013 they took the plunge and launched The Beach People and The Original Roundie, which promptly sold out. Since then they have expanded their offering to included jute beach bags, prints and even a beach cart!

All of the products have a strong and coherent aesthetic. All in tones of black, blue and white, The Beach People like to experiment with prints and printing. The result is a collection that speaks a very unique language, and unquestionably transmits a clear lifestyle message. “All our products are designed to be functional,” Victoria says, when I ask her about the beach cart. “We would walk to the beach lugging surf boards, children, bags and towels, I thought we need something cute that we can wheel it all down in…Hello Beach Cart designed to carry everything down the beach for you in a practical and beautiful way.”

The Beach People 1

It might be this simplicity that is so appealing. With a clear message and small range of coherent products, the company has been growing steadily in the two short years since it was founded.

“It wasn’t all that long ago we were working out of a shed at Victoria’s little beachside pad, wrapping and packing orders by hand,” says Emma. “A year later and here we are today now operating out of a warehouse and office with a team of 11 staff. We are also in the process of setting up our US warehouse and have now welcomed a small team based out of California.”

Part of The Beach People’s rapid rise to success has been their phenomenally successful social media campaigns. Today their main account on Instagram has over 217 thousand followers, and each stylish picture of their products gets thousands of likes. Even their hashtags are booming, there are close to three thousand posts featuring #TheOrigianlRoundie, and it makes for some sweet viewing. Their products are really made for a platform like social media because there are completely unique, totally recognisable and so darn good looking!

The Beach People 2

And even though its winter in The Beach People’s native Australia right now, the work never stops. Victoria tells me that a new collection of Roundies is in the pipeline as well as new products.

I love the beach. I was born on the beach. BUT, I have never looked even half as glamorous on the sand as half of Roundie owners on Instagram. And to me that is the coolest thing about The Beach People; their products are simple, useful, and practical but they immediately lift any basic beach ensemble.

And The Beach People sisters agree: “’Come as you Are’ is the best style for the beach no fuss, roundie in hand!”

Hear, Hear!

Love the Roundie? Shop the look here:

The BEACH edit

Bikini, Marisya, £200. The Majorelle Roundie, The Beach People, AUS$ 99. Jute Bag, The Beach People, AUS$22. Hat, Billabong, £19. Sunglasses, Illesteva, £120. Espadrilles, Soludos, £61.


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