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Street Style: Blonde Kim

So Kim Kardashian is no longer a striking brunette- she is now a striking blonde. I honestly don’t know what to say about it… It’s definitely not awful, but it’s not great either. I guess it could be edgy, but I feel like the colour is wrong, and I can definitely still see some dark on the sides. It is far too yellow for my taste- and if it’s edgy she wants why not commit to full-on ice-blonde almost ice shade? The styling feels a bit wrong as well- sort of greasy. Oh Kim…I know you only wash your hair every 5 days, but surely the hair-dresser does it for you when you get it coloured. Sigh. Maybe this is like that time Katy Perry bleached her hair and everyone was like ‘OMG!’ only for her to dye it pink immediately. though somehow I doubt Kim is about to go all bubble-gum on us. So, what do you think?

#MFW FOMO (More Fashion Week Street Style)

Ok- Milan looks great, you guys. Prada and Fendi have been my faves so far- absolutely unwearable in real life, but DAMN, so good. I feel a little bitter because everyone is in Milan and I’m still in London! So here are a few of my last street style snaps, to allay the pain of extreme FOMO a little. Sometimes in London, less is more. It is definitely the most street of all Fashion Weeks. Everyone is a photographer AND a model these days. Dress down in LFW at your own peril!  Yours truly rocking some vintage faux-fur. It was so damn cold, you guys!These were my favourite shoes of the day, check out, they are designed and made in London and very funky. More here.

NYFW- Blogger Style

New York Fashion Week has barely finished and already we are bracing ourselves for the madness in London. Each fashion week has it’s own identity and style, and it partly reflects the city they are held in, partly the designers that show there, and partly the crazy weather. Of course, New York is much colder than European capitals this time of year, so the street style of the fashionistas and bloggers who chose to attend had to reflect that. I mean, some celebs were being totally ridic and wearing summer clothes- I mean I cannot even start with that. I’m looking at you, Kate Hudson. Sure we all want it to be spring so we can bust out our florals, but it was -27C in NYC this week, so I’m not buying your off the shoulder sunflower whatever. Style is dressing for the weather as well as the occasion!! Now the three bloggers pictured above definitely dressed for the weather- so kudos to them. Aimee Song, from Song of Style, gets the most snaps because she’s …