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A quick guide to Classic Summer

There are a few outfit combinations that are flawless, flattering and effortlessly chic. In the summer these staples should constitute a fundamental part of any wardrobe. A Breton top, khakis, a white Broderie Anglaise dress,espadrilles etc etc. In fact, with just a few classic pieces, a summer wardrobe can be born, no muss, no fuss. However- NOTHING is more important than individual style, and I would never suggest that we should just unquestioningly buy stripy tops and expect to look Parisian chic. What I am suggesting is that we take inspiration from these delightfully classic combinations and reinvent these pieces and add your own flair and personal signature. I have taken some inspiration from some of my favourite bloggers- Leandra, Chiara, Aimee and Julia- in order to see how they have riffed on these classic and what lessons you can learn from these pros. Khakis as worn by Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) Leandra Medine is just a wonderful human, she is full of style and flare. But most importantly, she is not afraid to look completely bonkers …

So….flares are a thing again

It’s hard to believe that a mere fortnight ago I could have made it through the day without having to encounter any evidence that flares were thing. Today they are everywhere; from catwalks to red carpets. I should have known really. A wise woman once said “In Fashion on day flares are in- the next you are out.” So it seems that the day has come when flares are officially ‘In’ and I am officially ‘Out’. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against flares per se. I actually have owed flares before; they were all the rage in sixth grade, especially if the bottoms of the flares were bejewelled or embroidered in some way. However, I do think that flares are definitely not for everyone, nor should they be regarded as a ‘wardrobe staple’, ‘season must-have’, or ‘absolutely essential’, as some fashion publications and celebrity endorsers would have us believe.