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Wednesday Wishlist: Spring

I guess if I was being totally honest, this list wouldn’t be a list at all. It would be a single word printed in bold and heaving with wishful thinking. SPRING, come at me bro! Thankfully, the sun has been out here in London, and it does feel like the weather is about to break. So, I have put together a little list of Spring essentials, in preparation for the BEST SEASON OF THEM ALL: 1. Vitamin C Serum for plump and healthy skin It’s no secret that I love a good serum. I was once told that for my age-group (20-something fabulous), Vitamin C is really the only age prevention serum that I need- so I jumped on the VitC Train and never looked back. Choo-choo. My skin routine is super basic: I use Micellar Water to remove my make-up and cleanse at the end of the day, and then apply the Vitamin C Serum. In the morning I scrub and wash my face, and apply the serum again before make-up. Easy. I have been …

Wine Crate Bookshelf- a no-nonsense DIY project

Two facts about me: I am a keen reader and I live in a really, really small flat. Though seemingly unconnected, the fact that those two things are absolutely true means that my very small flat is often overrun with books, crammed into the oddest corners or wedged behind furniture. It also means that my life is often a mess. That is no way to live, so a few weeks ago I said: ‘ENOUGH!’ and vowed to produce more appropriate storage for my musty tomes. I looked around for a good bookshelf to fit a rather small and awkward little area of the flat, but nothing seemed quite right. Luckily, the Pal is rather handy with the tools, and I had an idea. The Wine Crate Bookshelf, a no-muss no-fuss bit of DIY that even the most tool-averse can execute.