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Valentino Resort ’16- the best thing since sliced bread

After a prolonged absence of three months, SLIR is back. In these three months, we have moved house, gone travelling, updated our wardrobes and joined a gym. Lots of things happened in the world of fashion and lifestyle as well: Kylie and Kendall released their capsule collection  for Topshop, the arrival of summer on the Northern Hemisphere appears to have brought back the 1970’s (you saw it here first), and a fluffy version of good ol’ Karl became 2015’s must have accessory. Though I have kept abreast of developments in the fashion world, not until today have I been shaken out of my summer stupor. It has virtually taken a Valentino Resort collection of unmatched awesomeness to shake me back into a creative haze. And of course it did. Rarely have I seen a collection so rich, beautiful and diverse as this one. It’s almost as detailed as their couture shows, but much more accessible. It’s really playful and all around super cool……It’s also super duper expensive so even though it’s a ready to wear …

Weekend Fashion Forecast

It’s finally going to be sort-of-warmish here in London- almost 14 degrees and SUNNY on Saturday! So grab your florals and sunglasses and head to the beer-garden. Don’t forget to bring a raincoat- this is Britain, not LA, and it’s still early March….. Toast floral midi dress / Iris Ink loose sweater / Joules collar jacket / Topshop cigarette pants / Valentino yellow ballerina flat, £485 / NIKE lightweight shoes / H M black drawstring bag / Wildfox black glasses, £115

Wednesday Wishlist: Spring

I guess if I was being totally honest, this list wouldn’t be a list at all. It would be a single word printed in bold and heaving with wishful thinking. SPRING, come at me bro! Thankfully, the sun has been out here in London, and it does feel like the weather is about to break. So, I have put together a little list of Spring essentials, in preparation for the BEST SEASON OF THEM ALL: 1. Vitamin C Serum for plump and healthy skin It’s no secret that I love a good serum. I was once told that for my age-group (20-something fabulous), Vitamin C is really the only age prevention serum that I need- so I jumped on the VitC Train and never looked back. Choo-choo. My skin routine is super basic: I use Micellar Water to remove my make-up and cleanse at the end of the day, and then apply the Vitamin C Serum. In the morning I scrub and wash my face, and apply the serum again before make-up. Easy. I have been …

#MFW FOMO (More Fashion Week Street Style)

Ok- Milan looks great, you guys. Prada and Fendi have been my faves so far- absolutely unwearable in real life, but DAMN, so good. I feel a little bitter because everyone is in Milan and I’m still in London! So here are a few of my last street style snaps, to allay the pain of extreme FOMO a little. Sometimes in London, less is more. It is definitely the most street of all Fashion Weeks. Everyone is a photographer AND a model these days. Dress down in LFW at your own peril!  Yours truly rocking some vintage faux-fur. It was so damn cold, you guys!These were my favourite shoes of the day, check out, they are designed and made in London and very funky. More here.

NYFW- Blogger Style

New York Fashion Week has barely finished and already we are bracing ourselves for the madness in London. Each fashion week has it’s own identity and style, and it partly reflects the city they are held in, partly the designers that show there, and partly the crazy weather. Of course, New York is much colder than European capitals this time of year, so the street style of the fashionistas and bloggers who chose to attend had to reflect that. I mean, some celebs were being totally ridic and wearing summer clothes- I mean I cannot even start with that. I’m looking at you, Kate Hudson. Sure we all want it to be spring so we can bust out our florals, but it was -27C in NYC this week, so I’m not buying your off the shoulder sunflower whatever. Style is dressing for the weather as well as the occasion!! Now the three bloggers pictured above definitely dressed for the weather- so kudos to them. Aimee Song, from Song of Style, gets the most snaps because she’s …

Weekend Fashion Forecast: 50 Shades of Grey

I will never be a Fitty-Shades fan. I have never read the book, and I don’t think I’ll bother with the film. It looks boring and there are some very problematic questions of consent in there. In fact I am convinced Mr Grey is a bit of a douche……all this chat has made me think the only grey I will ever need will be the kind that hangs in my wardrobe. So here are a couple of cool finds for your wardrobe; all grey, none of which will try to fist you. ENJOY. Kenzo embroidered sweatshirt £210 – Helmut Lang cut out shirt Burberry grey skirt Topshop grey skinny jeans Miu Miu pointy toe flat £325 – NIKE sneaker £56 – Lanvin handbag Chloé black shoulder bag Topshop spike collar necklace £39 – Burberry gray nail polish