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So….flares are a thing again

It’s hard to believe that a mere fortnight ago I could have made it through the day without having to encounter any evidence that flares were thing. Today they are everywhere; from catwalks to red carpets. I should have known really. A wise woman once said “In Fashion on day flares are in- the next you are out.” So it seems that the day has come when flares are officially ‘In’ and I am officially ‘Out’. Don’t get me wrong- I have nothing against flares per se. I actually have owed flares before; they were all the rage in sixth grade, especially if the bottoms of the flares were bejewelled or embroidered in some way. However, I do think that flares are definitely not for everyone, nor should they be regarded as a ‘wardrobe staple’, ‘season must-have’, or ‘absolutely essential’, as some fashion publications and celebrity endorsers would have us believe.