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Sonia Delaunay at Tate Modern

Sonia Delaunay was an amazing artist, and fantastically creative human. But because she was a a woman, we don’t learn about her in school. The Tate Modern in London though, is working hard to challenge visitors to expand their horizons and explore some of the most amazing female artists that we may never have heard about. This summer the Tate has a female double headliner- and since I have been moaning about how white and male the mainstream art scene in London is- I am delighted. Sonia Delaunay and Agnes Martin will be the main attractions at London’s most popular museum all summer long.

Dinner at Tonkotsu Mare Street

The best thing about living in Hackney is the seemingly endless supply of hot new restaurants and bars available to your average hipster-about-town. My latest gastronomic adventure was a rather impromptu trip to the recently opened Tonkotsu on Mare Street. The third branch of the chain is by far the sleekest- and the first one to feature a cocktail bar. And a good thing that is because on a Friday night you can expect to wait over 40 minutes for a table for two, and potentially longer for bigger groups. But it is worth the wait- especially in the cold winter months when a steaming bowl of rich broth and fresh ramen is the only food IN THE WORLD that would drag me from under my cashmere blanket. The menu is simple stuff- six or seven options of ramen, including the brand-new seafood option- available only at the Mare Street outpost. There are also some appetisers, most of which are fried, and some very delicate gyoza. Everything is delicious and warming, even if I think …